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Inferno's Challenge is a simple mobile obstacle course for kids & adults.

Welcome to Inferno's Challenge

Full Obstacle Course Infernos challenge is simply a mobile obstacle course for kids & adults from 5 to 55 give or take, designed by Ricky Charles aka (Inferno), former circus/stunt man and game & event coordinator for the Miami Heat.

Perfect for Birthdays, Bar Mitzvahs, Corporate Events, Churches and Respective Groups, School Fundraisers, Grand Openings, and Special Occasions!

Infernos Challenge can also modify to create a doggy day challenge for you and your dog. Accommodates max 200 people with 5 stations, the entire event orchestrated by Inferno and his team.

We are licensed & insured.

B.I.G. (Basketball Interactive Game) $75/hour Sound System Delivery/Power $150
Slam Dunk Unit $75/hour Sound System Delivery/Power $150
All Toys on Wheels $75/hour Sound System Delivery/Power $150

Dunk Show Please see our packages:

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